About us

We offer instructors and trainers the experience and values of the best masters.


Thanks to the Internet, everyone can take online courses, but it is often difficult to find courses of great quality and proven effectiveness. Besides, there are disciplines for which there is no training content.

At World Mastery we believe that everyone should have access to the best masters in order to learn from them and improve themselves. That is the reason why we offer online training with practical and modern courses based on “learn by doing”, which are explained by well-known masters

We have a training model where technology and innovation are essential to ensure the best training experience and unlimited distribution.

Besides, we provide our students with marketing tools that allow them use the reputation of our masters to grow professionally.

In short, we help our clients to improve in their careers and our masters to preserve their legacy, making it accessible for everyone.


We are a company based in Barcelona, ​​formed by a multidisciplinary, young and dynamic team of professionals who share a common aim: to help people live on what they are passionate about.

We are not afraid of change. We are curious, open-minded and we think that improvement means that we have to take risks from time to time and, probably, make some mistakes along the way.

We know that we are stronger together. We learn together, we make mistakes together and we put all of our efforts to achieve our goals.

We are aware that people are what make a company succeed and we always work as a team to improve ourselves and improve ourselves every day.

We are people of action as well as down to earth. We don't let our goals and ideas written on paper, but we make them happen.

We don't believe in conformity. We look for new challenges and fight for them. We like to improve ourselves every day.


Here we answer the most common questions about World Mastery
World Mastery offers online courses. Each course consists of 36 classes, which are 36 videos with an average of 20 minutes. Videos can be viewed anytime, and can be paused, forwarded and re-watched as many times as you want. Besides, each course has a book and an ebook that complements the videos.
Each course consists of an average of 12 hours of video content that is divided into 36 videos of individual lessons that you can watch and re-watch at any time. The duration of the course depends on the student, who is the one who sets the pace.
Yes, once you have purchased a course you have one year to complete it. Within the period of one year, you can access the course and watch the videos as many times as you want.
We cannot guarantee the interaction between the instructor and the student, but we will inform the students if these opportunities are available.
You can see the classes on any device with Internet access, in any modern browser. You can also download our app for mobile phone and tablet.
Video lessons are not available for download from the website. However, students can download them for offline viewing using our mobile application.
If you have any issue, you can contact us by sending an email to info@world-mastery.com