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About Toni Nadal

Rafa Nadal's mentor, world No. 1, winner of 20 Grand Slam, Olympic gold medal and more than 30 Masters 1000.

Teaching techniques

Toni Nadal's experience of more than 10 years divided into 2 years of exclusive content for you and your students.

Happy students

Connect with your students, identify their specific needs and customize their progress to each one.

A good coach is the one who gets the player to play well, not the one who shows he knows more. The main thing is to know how to transmit knowledge.


Passion for tennis

To help your students improve day after day, as Toni did with Rafa Nadal

We must distinguish between learning and training very well. While the first serves to understand the concepts, the second consolidates them and they must be worked on in the same order.

That is why it is essential as coaches to be very well trained to transmit both technical, tactical and mental knowledge to our students so that they can later assimilate and improve them through training.


You will be able to structure and develop your own classes based on Toni Nadal's structure.

You will develop as a tennis player and teacher, and you will gain more confidence and security to teach classes to different types of students.

You will connect with your students and share your knowledge appropriately for an effective training.

You will motivate your students by explaining different points of view for the same exercise and you will know how to guide them.

You will help your students through personalized corrections by knowing how and when to focus on each of them.

You will find solutions to manage and perform classes with students of different levels.


BLOCK 1: Mental Force

Mental content classes on how to treat the player and get the best out of him.

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BLOCK 2: Initiation stage

Sessions focused on the assimilation of technical and coordinative content at an early age.

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BLOCK 3: Refinement stage

Progression of technical exercises and implementation of tactical content applied to the game.

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BLOCK 4: Competition stage

Complete structured sessions for players in competitive stages.

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With Toni Nadal you will learn how to approach the mental part of the tennis game. Get to learn the different stages that take part in the development of a tennis player at an early stage from a well renowned coach.
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This course is for you if you like to keep constantly learning. With this course, you will get that inspiration that you are looking for in order to keep offering varied classes and to grow as a teacher. We want you to become a better instructor, so we will be regularly offering new contents so you never stop having something new to learn.
Once you have viewed the content, you will receive a certificate issued by World Mastery stating that you have completed the training offered by this master.
All of our Full Access content is focused on instructors or advanced students, so yes, of course you can follow the classes. We will regularly offer new sessions and we also have some courses of more basic levels if, for example, you are starting in a new style.
You can start from the moment you make the first payment and receive your username and password. Once you have accessed the platform, you can consult the contents as many times as you want to assimilate concepts and put them into practice as many times as you want.
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