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Ten commandments to become the best coach

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About Patrick Mouratoglou

Patrick has become a world renowned coach by working with players as Serena Williams or Marcos Baghdatis.

The ultimate decalog for a coach

Learn how to work with your trainees, how to empatize and make them gain confidence from his expertise.

Get inspired

There are no limits to knowledge, keep yourself inspired and learn with a simple but effective method.

Develop the desire to put into work a plan of action and the discipline to stick to it, as well as perseverance and optimism to keep heading in the right direction, even when a storm is raging around you

Patrick Mouratoglou

Prestige and expertise

Help your students become better every day from a holistic perspective

Patrick Mouratoglou founded his Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in 1996 and, since then, with the passing of the years, he gained relevance until training players who were 'Top Ranking'. The turning point in his career was Marcos Baghdatis who became a Junior World No.1 and reached the Australian Open final in 2006. From then on, he coached several players from the ATP and WTA Tours such as Pavlyuchenkova, Rezaï, Wickmayer, Chardy or Dimitrov .

In 2012 he became Serena Williams' coach with whom he achieved 10 Grand Slam, among many other titles. Currently, in addition to Serena Williams, he is a coach of Stefanos Tsitsipas and Cori Gauff. Currently, the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy is one of the largest academies in Europe and prepares the best junior and ATP / WTA players.


You will gain the confidence necessary to help your students become better one step at a time.

Develop yourself as a coach and gain the security to teach classes to different types and levels of students

Learn from a world champions coach, from his theoretical teachings but also from his experience.

Study how to approach the mental state of mind a player needs to compete.

Learn how to motivate different types of students.

Prepare yourself to become a better coach for your students and meet their needs.


BLOCK 1: Become a role model

If you want to really have an impact on your player, you need to become more than a coach: you need to become a role model.

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BLOCK 2: You’re responsible for your players’ result

When the result isn’t achieved, the coach shouldn’t blame anyone but himself, and should ask himself “What could I have done differently to obtain the result I wanted?”

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BLOCK 3: Speak less in quantity but better in quality

When a coach who doesn’t speak often decides to speak up, his words have more weight than if he were to constantly speak.

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BLOCK 4: Believe in your players without any limits

Be your player’s No. 1 supporter. When he is feeling down or uninspired, he’ll keep fighting, because he’ll know someone else sees the greatness in him.

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