cYoga Teacher Training Program

The most practical TT in the US

Have a successful Yoga Career and learn about yourself. Develop the necessary skills to attract new students, retain the regular ones and continually improve as a teacher and a human being

Create successful classes

Connect with your students and develop rewarding relationships with them by motivating, encouraging and making them interested in yoga

Get certified by the Yoga Alliance

Get your cYoga instructor diploma accredited by the Yoga Alliance both for the 200hr and 300hr YTT programs

When you understand that your practice is your greatest teacher, every time you step on your mat you grow both as a practitioner and as a person.


Meeting your instructors


In her 20+ years in the world of yoga, Carmen has passed through most of the phases a practitioner and a teacher can experience. She started teaching after only a few years practicing, she taught privates for 11 years, owned a studio for 9, has taught 18 TT programs, workshops all over the world, offers online classes and a new online TT course, she is mostly known for her social media platform, and currently lives in Hawaii while sharing her passion for yoga.


Moises started meditating in his teens, a passion he never abandoned. With a background in martial arts, he compliments Carmen skills with his focus on adjustments, meditation and philosophy. In 2010 they opened The Lab Yoga Studio in Chicago which they sold 8 years later. Meanwhile he worked as an IT consultant for 20 years until the time came to let go of his corporate career and start traveling the world teaching yoga and meditation with Carmen.

What to expect

Find yourself as a teacher. Find your voice, your true persona and apply it. When you are yourself, your crowd will find you.

Anatomy. This essential discipline in the modern yoga world will help you design a proper sequence, provide sound feedback and avoid injuries.

The Art of Sequencing. Take your students to the next level. Through smart and carefully selecting the theme, peak posses and progression.

Business savvy. Learn economic interactions with the students and yoga studios as the opportunities of the virtual yoga movement

Discover Yoga tradition. The rich, fascinating and mystical roots of Yoga, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Pranayama, Chakras, Bhandhas and Ayurveda.

Meditation. Learn different techniques and meditation schools and have fun calming your mind everyday.


Option 1: 200HR YTT
DURATION 3 week course
PRICE $2500

We will prepare you to have a successful yoga career and learn about yourself. We cover the areas that will help you attract new students, retain regular students and continually improve as a teacher and a human being.

  • 1 Classes, Asana Breakdowns and Feedbacks
  • 2 Sequencing
  • 3 Anatomy
  • 4 Adjustments
  • 5 Handstand Workshop
  • 6 Business
  • 7 Meditation
  • 8 Philosophy
  • 9 Sanskrit
  • 10 Pranayama
Option 2: 300HR YTT
DURATION 4 week course
PRICE $3200

The 300hr YTT ​includes everything included in the 200hr curriculum plus some more advanced subjects like:

  • 1 Finding yourself as a teacher
  • 2 Anatomy
  • 3 Sequencing
  • 4 Sanskrit, Roots of yoga philosophy, Pranayama, Chakras, Bhandas & Ayurveda
  • 5 Business
  • 6 Meditation
  • 7 See energies
  • 8 Create new yoga poses
  • 9 Design your own meditation
  • 10 Yoga philosophy 2.0
Option 3: On Demand Modules

Now available! You can buy the individual modules from the TT edited and recorded in HD. Deepen the subjects that interest you the most. Click on any module to purchase!

  • 1. Sequencing
  • 2. Anatomy
  • 3. Business
  • 4. Philosophy
  • 5. Meditation
  • 6. Classes/Asana
  • 7. Adjustments
  • 8. Sanskrit
  • 9. Pranayama
  • 10. Meditation Workshop Creation
  • 11. Seeing Energies
  • 12. Handstands

The Virtual Experience

Online content grows with you as you evolve in your own practice by reviewing and repeating the hours of content and creative sequences you'll find on in

Unlike in person trainings where you don't have access to the teaching sessions, students will have a 12 month access to the YTT to view and review as they wish.


Online cYoga Teacher Training


Teacher Training

- Online Registered Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Alliance

- Ideal for Instructors and Yoga Practitioners seeking to improve their understanding of yoga and learn the cyoga style


- Hours of amazing content that you will enjoy in many ways: practicing, listening or taking notes

- Access to all TT sessions recordings for 12 months to complete the course at your own pace

Return Policy


What you get

- Access to the full YTT course for an entire year

- Diploma validating completion of the course and certified by the Yoga Alliance"

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Read some testimonials

This training will take your practice to a whole different level. It will challenge you to go beyond your limits, inside and out. If you are serious about changing your life on and off your mat, don’t hesitate to train with these teachers–they are simply the best!

by Katy GassawayCertified 2019

Teacher training with Carmen and Moises allowed me to develop confidence in my skills as a new cYoga teacher ready to face the world of yogis. I felt comfortable exploring and changing the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of my yoga practice which has changed me as a person. I am forever grateful for the experience.

by Christine SamsonCertified 2017

The Cyoga teacher training far exceeded all my expectations. I learned how to design a cohesive and intelligent sequence, teach and adjust each and every pose in the sequence, and understand the anatomy and philosophy behind the yoga I was teaching. I feel extremely well prepared to begin my teaching career and would recommend this TT to anyone looking to teach high level yoga.

by Garry CapkoCertified 2016


Carmen Aguilar's Teacher Training is designed for Yoga Instructors and Practitioners who wish to have a successful Yoga Career and learn about themselves, develop the necessary skills to attract new students, retain the regular ones and continually improve as a teacher and a human being
All the TT sessions will be made available online through the World Mastery platform. You will be able to access the videos of the YTT at any time and place via our app and download them to watch them offline. To gain access, we will provide you with a username and password after you make your payment. You will be able to access the course content as many times as you like and learn at your own pace.
Yes, making the payment is totally safe and easy to do. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.
Of course! Continuous learning is the basis for any yoga instructor. Taking the 300hr Teacher Training will allow you to register the 500hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance), expand your knowledge on how to conduct an advanced asana class, adapt it to different levels, make adjustments and keep all students motivated and feeling included in the session.
Yes! The diploma we award will accredit you as an instructor authorized to teach Carmen Aguilar's cYoga methodology and you can get your 200hr / 300hr certification by the Yoga Alliance.
Carmen Aguilar takes a holistic approach to the teaching and understanding of the asana so, no matter what style of yoga you have trained in, this Teacher Training will give you another perspective on how to conduct the classes and accompany your students during their yoga journey.
Once you sign up to the TT you get access to all the sessions and extra documents of the TT and you cannot cancel your subscription.
After your payment, you will get your credentials to access the platform and you will have access to the all the sessions for 12 months after your registration to the program and you can take all the time you need to assimilate concepts, go back or watch the videos as many times as you want.
The World Mastery app allows you to download the lessons to your phone or tablet without an Internet connection. This way you can practice wherever and whenever you want without having to worry about anything else but learning and enjoying your progress.
Yes, in the extra content tab from your Virtual Academy you will find not only the cYoga exclusive manual with all the information you need but many other manuals for each one of the modules.