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Train yourself with the official syllabus of the world's greatest Dominican Bachata dancers and train your students for 3 years in a row!

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Gain exclusive access to their technique, style and tips in order to become a referent instructor and take your academy to the next level.


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Discover the Dominican Bachata secrets

Energetic and charismatic, Alex and Desirée are absolute referent figures in traditional Bachata or Dominican Bachata. Their mastery is an incredible source where you will discover their knowledge and experience. You will find everything they’ve learnt, created and developed in terms of technique, style and pedagogy, so that you will be able to improve your skills as a dancer, become a great instructor and boost your business and career. Implement their official training program and make a living out of your passion!


Get ready to mark a milestone thanks to this exclusive syllabus. This training will allow you to improve your dancing and teaching abilities in terms of technique and style.


Forget about thinking what to do in your classes and courses: each mastery's lesson is equivalent to 1 real dance class that you can make with your students. You will have access to prepared classes for 3 academic years in total!


Catapult your career and gain more recognition applying the methodology of the best ones in your classes. Promote yourself with the official flyer of World Mastery.

Willing to train the world's best artists and revolutionize your career as an instructor

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What students are saying

This mastery is great! My dance partner and I have improved a lot and now we train our students with good classes that include the right technique. We highly recommend it because there's nothing similar in traditional bachata.
Andrea Smith
I've got Alex and Desirée's mastery and it helps me know what to teach and how to teach it to my students. I trained myself in salsa and sensual bachata, but my training in dominican bachata wasn't too good. Everything's structured and the explanations are simply great.
Jonathan Guzman