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Their passion is dance and they transmit it with that magnificent energy that they express in their classes and shows


All their experience and wisdom gathered in this course to make a difference in your classes and bring the root of Dominican Bachata by the hand of Alexander & Desiree


Connect with your students, transmit the style of the Dominican Bachata. Make them learn and enjoy dancing

Our purpose with this mastery is to transmit all our knowledge and experience after years in the Traditional Dominican Bachata. So that we can continue to feed the dancers of this part of the dance culture that has the Dominican Republic



To help your students fascinate in the same way as Alexander and Desiree, with their excellent presence on stage or in their classes

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, Alex Morel is known for his musical style and his taste for the dance floor. He always admits to identifying with music of all genres. In 2005, Alex began salsa classes with renowned instructor, choreographer and director of the Danza del Alma del Caribe Co. Ismael Otero - also known as "Million Moves Man". Desiree Godsell, born and raised in Houston, Texas, graduated from the High School of Performing and Visual Arts, which laid the foundation for her life in the performing arts. From there she received a B.F.A. in Dance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Desiree began her salsa career with Eddie Torres' "Mambo King". Since then she has danced with Griselle Ponce, Sekou McMiller, Maria Torres, Andy Cruz, Caribbean Soul, starring in Broadway's LaMambopera, in Telefutura's "I Want to be a Star" and was a salsa coach in two separate episodes of MTV MADE.

Alex and Desiree have teamed up to bring exciting and powerful showcases to the stage. The chemistry between them is a pleasure to witness. Their combined energy makes for an explosive performance that they have shared with dancers from around the world. Although both Alex and Desiree are well rounded in many dance forms, the world has embraced their interpretation of Bachata. Without a doubt, they have become the leading couple representing Classical Bachata, also known as Traditional or Dominican Bachata.


You will be able to structure and develop your own classes optimally based on the structure and methodology of Alexander and Desiree

You will develop as a dancer and teacher, and you will gain more confidence and security to be able to transmit to your students

Connect with your students at all times and transmit your knowledge in an appropriate way with the aim of enjoying effective practice

Motivate your students from the explanation of different points of view of Alex and Desiree for the same exercise and you will know how to guide them so that they can grow in the dance

Help your students through personalized corrections. By knowing how and when to focus on each of them, you can personalize their learning

You will find solutions to manage and streamline your classes with students of different levels


99 Complete classes

33 classes of essential methodology: Tips, basics of traditional Bachata, turning technique, body expression and arms

  • 1 1.- Tips for your classes
  • 2 2.- Coordination of arms and body movement
  • 3 3.- Basic steps
  • 4 4.- Basic turns
  • 5 5.- Corporal expression
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
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33 classes of essential methodology: Variants of the basics, syncopation, turning technique, body expression and complicated arms.

  • 1 1.- Coordination of arms and body movement
  • 2 2.- Footwork
  • 3 3.- Complicated turning techniques
  • 4 4.- Corporal expression
  • 5 5.- Indication of the man in the couple
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33 classes of essential methodology: Variants of the basics, syncopation, turning technique, body expression and complicated arms.

  • 1 1.- Coordination of arms and body movement
  • 2 2.- Footwork
  • 3 3.- Advanced level turning technique
  • 4 4.- Corporal expression
  • 5 5.- Indication of the man in the couple
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Bonus pack

Diploma with your name signed by Alexander and Desiree

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This course is intended for Dominican Bachata instructors who wish to improve, adapt their teaching to different types of students, gain confidence and learn to structure their classes in an optimal way. With this course, Alexander and Desiree want you to learn everything you need to know to convey your teachings to your students in the best possible way and create a positive experience for them.
The expertise of Alexander and Desiree is available on our online platform. There you can access the course videos anytime and anywhere. To access, you will need a username and password (which we will provide you with after the first payment has been made) and a mobile device, tablet or computer. You will be able to access the content of the videos as many times as necessary so that you can learn at your own pace.
Yes, the payment is totally safe and easy to make. You can pay in two different ways: by credit card or PayPal (if you have an account).
Of course! Continuous learning is the foundation for any dance instructor. Completing this course will complement your previous certifications. With this course, Alexander and Desiree will help you become a better Dominican Bachata teacher with new techniques to guide and accompany your students in the best possible way.
The diploma we award is private and is endorsed by Alexander and Desiree. You can complement with them the certifications you already have. The course we offer you is focused on expanding your knowledge thanks to the techniques and advice of Alexander and Desiree, which will help you to give your classes with more security.
Yes, of course you can do the course even if you have trained in another style. This can be a good opportunity to widen your range of possibilities as you can train and teach different styles to different types of students.
Don't worry, you can try the course without any obligation and you can cancel it if you wish. You will have 7 days to try the course on our platform and unsubscribe for free. After these 7 days, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, we are confident that the Alexander and Desiree program will help you in your learning and open doors in your career.
Whenever you want! Once the payment has been made and we have sent you the credentials to access the Virtual School you can start your classes and get a little closer to your goals. In addition, you will be able to take all the time you need to assimilate concepts, stop, go back or watch the videos as many times as you want, which will help you a lot in your development and in the acquisition and interiorization of the content.
The World Mastery app allows you to download the lessons to your phone or tablet without an Internet connection. This way you can practice wherever and whenever you want without having to worry about anything but learning and enjoying the course.