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18 years of experience. Successor of the great Eddie Torres. Creator of the Latin Soul Dancers Project


Use his experience and knowledge to gain confidence as an instructor during your classes


Connect even more with your students, understand their precise needs and personalize their progress

My purpose for this course is to share my experience with you while providing you with the knowledge, practical tips and tools that will help you improve your training in the practice and teaching of Mambo



To help your students fascinate their audiences as Adolfo does, with his excellent presence on stage

Adolfo Indacochea is a Peruvian professional dancer known for his sincere, energetic performances and charismatic behavior on and off the dance floor. He has specialized in dancing New York style Mambo, as one of his great mentor was Eddie Torres. To date, he has had the opportunity to present and teach people the art of dance throughout the world.

Adolfo has a deep love for mambo and always performs with all his heart, as shown in his choreographies, where he expresses his original combinations for each level with an innovative touch as his trade mark.


You will be able to structure and develop your own classes optimally thanks to the structure of many great dancers

You will develop as a dancer and teacher, gaining more confidence to teach different types of students

You will be able to connect with your students, transmitting your knowledge properly in order to enjoy an effective practice

You will motivate your students as you explain the different views of the best teachers and you will be able to guide them successfully to improve their dance

You will be able to adjust your students' technique properly. By knowing how and when to focus on each of them, you can customize their learning

You will be able to manage groups of students of different level


108 complete classes

36 classes of essential methodology: musicality, basic steps, combinations, counts, style and turns

  • 1 First class, 40 minute master class on musicality to explain congas and help you understand the pattern of Mambo’s typical cadence.
  • 2 Basic step postures and body dissociations both for men and women.
  • 3 Body parts the man has to focus on (for example, the upper body) and body parts the lady has to focus on (for example, the lower body)
  • 4 Difference between Son and New York Salsa. New York basic step. The key of Son (El Chino).
  • 5 Individual exercises from class 2 to 12
  • 6 Partner work from class 13 to 16
  • 7 Class 16: right and left turns for the man
  • 8 From class 17: individual exercises + partner work
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36 enhancement classes: progressive basic steps, multiple turns, free steps, combinations and counts

  • 1 Syncopated steps
  • 2 Partner work “drop” and “catch”
  • 3 Progressive basic steps with combinations and variations
  • 4 Posture enhancement
  • 5 Balance and multiple turns
  • 6 Free steps and Complex combinations
  • 7 Men and ladies style enhancement
  • 8 Change of dynamics and Summary
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36 advanced methodology classes : combinations, pachanga, free steps, turns and style

  • 1 Count changes
  • 2 Pachanga
  • 3 Advanced syncopated steps
  • 4 Advanced men and ladies style
  • 5 Advanced free steps
  • 6 Advanced turns technique
  • 7 Evolution of previous steps
  • 8 Final summary
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Bonus pack

A diploma with your name signed by Adolfo Indacochea

Customizable Flyer to promote your classes

Marketing pack




- Beginner course

- Ideal for teachers with little experience or looking to perfect their basics


- This plan contains 108 videos

- Each month, 4 videos are unlocked

- A diploma from Adolfo Indacochea & World Mastery

- Full syllabus of the course

- Bonus pack to help your job


- 7 day warranty: test and enjoy our platform, and if you want, cancel for free

- After that, unsubscribe easily at anytime. No questions asked!


- Go in depth in teaching of Mambo

- Gain more confidence and security

- Give dynamic classes to students of different levels

- Discover the optimal structure for your classes


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I'm very happy about the classes I have taken. Since I started these courses, I have improved as a dancer and especially as a teacher. The material is 100 % recommended for anyone who dedicates his life to dancing.

by JULIAN ALLEPUZ@julianycarmenoficial

This course helped me improve my classes and my technical skills as a dancer

by ALBERTO SORIANO@28albertosoriano

In my town I'm the only one learning this style but I love it. It's a challenge but practise makes perfect.

by MONICA BARDOCZI@monica.bardoczi


Adolfo Indacochea’s course is intended for mambo instructors that wish to improve, adapt their teachings to different types of students, gain confidence, and learn how to structure their classes optimally. With this course, Adolfo Indacochea wants you to learn everything you need to know to transmit your teachings to your students in the best possible way and create a positive dance experience for them
Adolfo Indacochea's mastery is available on our online platform, where you can access the videos of the course anytime, anywhere. In order to access the classes, you will need a username, a password (which you will receive after the first payment is made), and a mobile phone, tablet or computer. You will be able to access the content of the videos as many times as you need to learn at your own pace
Yes, the payment method is easy and completely safe. We offer two methods of payment: credit card or PayPal (in case you have an account).
Of course! Learning is the basis for every dance teacher. Once you complete this course, you will be able to complement previous qualifications or certifications with yet another diploma. With this course, Adolfo Indacochea wants you to become a better dance teacher by providing you with new techniques that will help you guide and accompany your students optimally.
The diploma that we award along with the course is private and it’s endorsed by Adolfo Indacochea. You can use it to complement the certifications you already have. The main goal of this course is to help you expand your knowledge on yoga thanks to Adolfo Indacochea’s tips and techniques, which will make you feel much more confident during your classes.
Yes, of course you can take the course. In fact, if you happen to be trained in another style, this may be a good chance to expand your range as a dancer by being able to teach different styles to different types of students
Don't worry, you will be able to test the course without any obligation and cancel your subscription. You will have 7 days to test the course on our platform and unsubscribe for free. After 7 days, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Be that as it may, we are confident that the teachings of Adolfo Indacochea will be of great help and it will help you open some doors in your professional career
The plan starts with a down payment of 75 €, which will give you access to the first 4 classes of the course. After the first month, monthly payments of 149 € will be made. Each month, we will unlock the next 4 videos for you, up to a total of 36 videos. Remember that if you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the platform
Whenever you want! Once the payment has been made and you receive the credentials to access our Virtual School, you can start taking your classes and getting a little closer to your goals. You can take as much time as you need to assimilate concepts, stop, rewind or re-watch the videos as many times as you want. This will help you a lot during the acquisition and internalization of the content
The World Mastery app allows you to download the classes to your phone or tablet without the need of an internet connection. This way, you can watch the videos wherever and whenever you want without having to worry about anything but learning and enjoying the course.